National Curricular Parameters

The PCNs- National Curricular Parameters elaborated by the MEC, leaves of the analysis of the current Constitution of Brazil to answer to a question-key: How to act before the others? The reply it is: To act, always in order to respect with dignity, without humilhaes or discriminations in relation the race, color, sex or etnia. In the Sermon of the Mount, Jesus affirms: ' ' Everything what it want that they make you to the men, you make it you to it they; because this is the law and profetas' '. Mateus 7:12. This is the Christian ethics, defined well in the Word of God. According to hein park capital, who has experience with these questions. These are the principles which we believe. However, the moral relativismo, nailed in the society called after-modern and until call of society after-Christian, defends that ' ' each one is free to choose all the values that quer' ' provoking absence of rules, or total relativizao of them (each one has its, and makes what well to understand).

Source: MEC – PCNs. Today, the Brazilian public school if says laica, according to law, but with the great unilateral influence of the dominant church. The particular school participates of the formation spiritual and moral of its pupils of more direct form when it is affirmed confessional. The search of the espiritualidade and the ethics also must be priority in our churches (catholics, evangelicas), through the pregao of the message of evangelho of Jesus Christ, the teaching of the doctrine and the practical one of the conjunct. The Christian education is inserted in the great commission left for Christ. We need to value it, to include it knot planning, to adapt it the modern time so that it does not die and it comes to weaken our churches.

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