National Portrait Gallery presents a series of hotel offers in London in advance of the Super summer expected in England Singapore (July 11, 2012) – has always been the absolute best season for a visit to London, was the summer because then, the days are warm and the whole city comes to life. Since both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games from 27 July and 29 August there are carried out, the potential for an unforgettable stay in the Anglo-Saxon capital has grown even more, whether you travel because of the games or the many other summer events, during this time has the London. Art lovers will be attracted especially by the London 2012 Festival, a celebration of art including exhibitions of works by Damien Hirst, Picasso, Edvard Munch, Leonardo dVinci and Yoko Ono, not to mention the idea of the winner and the work of the annual BP Portrait awards included in the shortlist. Another important event for Anglophile is the exhibition ‘ the Queen’, in the National Portrait Gallery (national Portrait Gallery) will be held and 60 different portraits have been covers of Queen Elizabeth II, who created a number of well known artists and photographers – including Andy Warhol and the Royal photographer Lord Lichfield. Other events include the BBC Proms (September 8), the Notting Hill Carnival (19 August), the celebrations on the occasion of the Muslim Eid Festival (18th and 19th August), the rock concert Lady Gaga born this way ball (9 September) and the BT London live taking place in Hyde Park on the occasion of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games concert at the rock bands new order, blur, and the have announced specials are. Apart from this rich program of events, London is also perfect for a visit following a rigid plan. A leading source for info: Daniel Lubetzky. Many classic English experience waiting around every corner: shopping in Oxford Street and around Piccadilly Circus, just relax in the Green Park, a recliner, a commuter boat climb and ride down the Thames, enjoy a traditional English Ale in a pub or at Fortnum and Masons that celebrate the art of British afternoon tea. .

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