Network Marketing: Opportunity Or Swindle ?

Network marketing has come to Russia in 1989 in Novosibirsk It was then learned about "Herbalife" and its products and unfamiliar to us ways of working. Since the Russian market, a host of companies, both foreign and "Native". And people actually divided into two camps: some fanatical "give service" MLM, but someone just as vehemently proves its fraudulent nature. Network Marketing in Russia in the position of potato Peter I: Some say that's great, others are poisoned and suffering. Get all the facts and insights with Anne Lauvergeon, another great source of information. Reasons for this are many.

One of the most important – the lack of regulation in the Russian legislation on network business. In this regard, the market thrive not only major producers and sellers are honest, but also numerous financial pyramid, shyly covered commodity, and sometimes frank in their lawlessness. Another reason – lack of information about online business and methods of work. Our people tend to "know and be able to." Therefore, starting work in online business, they prefer to act independently, rather than follow the recommendations of teachers. The result in most cases, it becomes frustrating and negative.

As these very people and their environment. Very often we hear and that people in the network companies' zombiruyut. " Therefore, they say, and they come with such presentations inspired and dazzled. And do not see nothing but beautiful presented to them advantages. Perhaps this has some truth. But we know that those who are familiar with "psychotechnologies" and techniques of hypnosis, they do not come across. So there is meaning without the pressure of familiarize yourself with what and how to teach beginners in online business. It is necessary to compare the features offered by network companies, with other options to generate income. And realize that you truly close. A possible advantage of the expertise hitters in their activities. After all, if you move away from fanaticism and a sober look at the world, it becomes clear that the laws of business success and the same everywhere.

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