New Book: Kabbalah For Beginners

“Why do we need this science?” – You ask. But the fact that the world is ruled a huge system of forces, called the “Upper World”, and it is not subject to our intervention without careful study of the laws by which it operates. Kabbalah gives us an idea of device of the system, how it affects our world and how we can properly involved in the process, to see how changing our lives and the lives of all mankind. I sincerely wish you success in studying science and even greater successes in its rapid application in your life.

Good luck! Brief Table of Contents Foreword Vol.1 method of studying Kabbalah Section I. Perception of reality Section II. Kabbalistic theory of the world Section III. Scheme universe Section IV. Study of the Universe Summary Table of Contents Preface Part I. Volume 2 History of Kabbalah Section II. Kabbalah and Religion Section III. Kabbalah and philosophy – a comparative analysis of Section IV. Kabbalah as an integral Science Section V. Kabbalistic anthropology Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life.

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