Finishing (Postpress) work – is part of the process of printing production, in which the printed products are given to the desired shape and properties (Fig. 1). During the process of finishing products takes final shape, featuring a design (shape) and function, depending on the amount of information. The variety of products finishing production displayed in Fig. 2. In Binding shops handled the following types of products (not taken into account the volume): Single sheets cut sheets, die-cutting; folded sheets of plates of different sizes that rebate in accordance with a certain, sometimes complex configuration; Newspapers folded sheets or tab them ready notebooks; Brochures folded sheets in a cover that are inserted and fastened with wire or thread the spine; Brochures or odnotetradnye mnogotetradnye blocks them ready and fastened with wire or glue to the cover; Books mnogotetradny block, bound with thread or glue in a cover or lid; Complete set of bonded mechanical connection sheets, used metal or plastic comb and spiral compound; Packaging materials / tools are open or closed products, cut and shaped to fit the subject during the procedure packaging. Fig.

1 Production flow of materials and data to create printed materials Fig. 2 printed products, resulting from finishing Printed matter, especially books in hardback, is usually precast product, comprised of several separate parts made independently of each other. These parts are: Block media duplication of information; Binding cover protective element connected to the unit; Elements of finishing structural parts.

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