Present the social and economic structure would be untenable if the banks did not exist. And with this we are not saying that they are the best option or than there is not another possibility. Simply we stated that given the present state of the things they are essential. Another question is if they would have to exist, but that is not the reason for our article. In fact, our intention is another one.

Considering the previous thing, that we cannot move without credit card, banking offices, accounts online How to know which are the best banks? For it we must respond to two questions different, although connected in a same one: what bank we want? If, on the one hand, simply it interests the economic interest to us, the chrematistic benefit that us can offer the present supply, basically we must fix us to the amount of money who we have and to the type of interest that to each offers us bank for this amount. Simply, the one that more money offers to us she will be the one that interests to us. Perhaps but, although anybody does not create it, is another one it forms to score to our bank. Perhaps in agreement that all we want to remove the greater economic yield but we do not want it to do whatever the cost. Perhaps we do not want that with our money (the one that we have in xs banking organization) companies finance that make arms, to put an example.

If this last one is our case, we will have to control to our banks. To look for information exceeds where they invest (there are NGOs that is dedicated to it) and to act consequently. And it is that, the best bank does not have because to be the one that more money offers. The banks return to give mortgages by the 100% of the floor

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