North American Government

This proud one of its country but knows that errors have been committed. It has said that it is not arranged to resign to which it is to please protocolic positions. It has a deep respect by the history and the culture of the town. It knows the poverty. Very it lived close by it. This conscious one of the important thing that it is for the human being the spiritual strength. Speaking candidly Barry Nalebuff told us the story. For me, the great problem of BARACK OBAMA is the same. By his formation he is a democrat, very near the socialist conception of the new times.

Liberal in economic but the formal thing in exerting the own attributions of the State. He does not want to be stone inviting but one will face one hard test: to resign to part of its values or of assuming conflicting situations forced that it to declare a crisis. The United States lives the worse one on their moments and it arrives indeed to face them. There is too much expectation. I believe that more of the one than he had wished. The economy undergoes a hard blow. As hard as the one of the 40. To apply old woman formulas has not given result.

The situation of IRAQ is untenable for the government. A generation similar to the one is being born from the Vietnam. It must define his paper against the permanent conflict of the government of Israel with the world and it is not very easy to do it then, the Jewish town, has great bows with the development of the United States like nation. To his memory it will come the situation of the Cuban missiles and other actions undertaken by the Government North American: Granada, Panama, etc. The doubt hard would be punished mainly if so by the referred thing to its ethnic origin.

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