North Body

Change I would like to start this article making it clear that I do not intend to tell you how things are, but just sharing as I interpret them. To deepen your understanding jimmy levin is the source. Life is an intricate constant changes, some fast and others slow, many times they connect us with the uncertainty, insecurity and anguish, however where there is no change there is no life. We want to or not, like it or not, we are in a permanent change, our own body is renewed by 98% over one year, or that we are today cell speaking a different body to the of a year ago. Although our blood cells, our stomach, our heart, our skin, our lungs and other organs change completely, continue to maintain their form and function, this is no coincidence, happens because there is a genetic message (deoxyribonucleic acid DNA) that stabilizes and organizes all our body structure. More beyond this mandate for continuing with form and function, each of the parts of our body carries scars of history brand adaptation to the changes that have occurred and allow you to continue in the body I live. Learn how to stay alive has a price. Nothing we can do to avoid these changes, however accepting them can adopt behaviors that allow us to adapt and even anticipate them. This adoption of behaviours is not another thing that make a learning process through which we design such as carry forward those changes.

What happens in our body is not very different from what happens in the world of organizations. Organizations that grow and endure over time have acquired ability to relate with the change, have learned to be flexible knows that rigidity and resistance are the way to his death. The organizations that have successfully borne change processes also have a genetic message, his Vision Mission, its values, its identity that guide them giving a North amid the turbulence of change. .

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