November Employees

General information, background and scope Las venezolanas SMEs at present are facing in view of the current political and economic scenario, dominated by serious problems that have affected its operational capacity and competition, since they operate in a very turbulent environment where irrigation, uncertainty and there is no incentive for investment, while there are opportunities that arise, product of the opening in foreign policy that the current Government has initiated. Venezuelan SMEs suffer the vast majority of many weaknesses ranging from its technology, financial, human resources, as well as a proactive leadership, enabling it to face successfully the competitiveness. Competitiveness, can be defined as the joint result of systematic actions implemented in an organization to obtain a dominant position in a market, offering products and services of quality at prices that meet the expectations of customers, (Alvarez) it should be recalled, that in the 1970s, many demonstrated when community development programs were in vogue in the 1970s it was a central aspect of the environmentalist approach and communitarian which took as one of the major issues the small is beautiful. For a long time, SMEs were associated with crafts, selling sweet Creoles, the small crop, i.e. with the traditional production. Take into account that there are various ways of measuring the size of a company: the most widespread is based on the number of employees, although the amount of capital or assets is also shown as indicators. According to Decree No 1547, 9 of November of 2001 (law of promotion and development of small and medium-sized industry PYMI), article 3 for the purposes of the present Decree of law is defined as: 1. small industry unit of economic exploitation made by a legal person that make activities of production of industrial goods and related services within the following parameters: 1.1 Plant workers with one annual average no less than eleven (11) workers or may of fifty (50) employees.

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