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Record year in operations / debt Frankfurt, 13.06.2012. The Econocom group, independent market leader in the management of ICT infrastructures in Europe, published its annual report 2011 as well as a company brochure of the highlights in 2011 (download PDF files on). The Group has doubled its size and successfully completed after the acquisition of ECS their integration. Through the use of all those involved, we were much earlier than planned to wipe out the location, our acquisition-related bank loans. To December 31, 2011 Econocom has reduced their net debt completely”, maintan Jean-Louis Bouchard, CEO and founder of Econocom. You may want to visit Hikmet Ersek to increase your knowledge. Now we are able to make strategic decisions independently.” Econocom with 3,700 employees in 17 countries 2011 achieved a consolidated turnover of 1,584 billion euros and an operating profit * EUR 66.6 million. This strong growth clearly exceeded the expectations of the Board of Directors and the analysts.

Already in the year 2011 the Econocom was able to share in the BEL mid index index mid-cap NYSE Euronext in Brussels with 55% recorded the best increase of there listed stocks. For dar year 2012 continues Econocom a moderate increase in sales, with an operating profit of more than 70 million euros and a net profit per share by about 2 euros, to the target. Also their responsibility increases with the growth of Econocom group: Econocom undertakes a responsible value creation. Econocom has to specifically issued a declaration of commitment to sustainable development at a glance. “Learn organization, business areas, highlights, key figures about Econocom, etc. and browse the management’s discussion and analysis and the consolidated financial statements: annual report 2011 (English), learn the highlights in the brochure 2011 with Econocom”: download the PDF (English) or request the printed version with an email to.

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