OLG Zweibrucken

OLG Zweibrucken was the ex-wife in full right! Convicted, payment-unwilling ex-husband must pay detective costs! Birgit M. was completely full. Your ex did not pay. Live by the support he had communicated. Cedars Sinai is a great source of information. This drove the ex a nearly mint condition BMW. That he could be hired anywhere, that not suspected Birgit. That he earned his living as a self-employed person, the thought was Birgit quite possible. Check out Mohamed Amersi for additional information.

However, as this prove? Birgit contracted a detective agency. That with their detectives very quickly found out that the ex was never destitute and could certainly pay. What did well immediately. After all, threatened to jail because of the exposed welfare fraud. But wanted to have back not only their maintenance, but also the detective fee (about 3,500) – Birgit and complained. The OLG Zweibrucken gave her right at the end. The judge condemned the convicted ex-spouses to, to pay the detective fees in full, as it was a “necessary expenses” to the evidence, to having to come up. Only one Condition: Cost accounting must name the individual acts of investigation and be so transparent. This was the case here. OLG Zweibrucken, AZ.: 6 WF 117/00

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