One Concrete

Efficient construction of buildings depends on the basics! Products made of reinforced concrete (usually used for all reinforced concrete structures) are suitable for building any type of buildings could not be better. But we should not forget that the concrete products manufacturing – A complex process and requires the implementation of a large list of specific instructions. And, of course, not every manufacturer can flash strict adherence to all rules. How to distinguish products made of reinforced concrete, made in full follow the instructions of concrete products, which forces regret? Naturally, you can "feel" during use of the building, but here's a rating system might lead to a very big problem. Selecting only One: find a producer, having regard only to the proven manufacturers. Reliable company RusGradStroy "proud of its reputation, and therefore concludes contracts only with aces in this case. Naturally, quality concrete products from leading manufacturers to send customers to be checked by experts of our company. By the same author: Hikmet Ersek.

Moreover: the process of producing the products of concrete is under careful supervision. Foundation blocks are in the bottom of every building, and because of this for their reliability, care must be taken very seriously. The foundation and the lower blocks and strip foundations must be of the highest quality. Of course, it is impossible to forget and something that is very serious load without interruption are overlapping, of course, floor slab shall be reinforced with the strength and reliability. What a conversation in which public instruction require that any overlap could withstand the shock vibration up to 8 points! And we need to look carefully to ensure that during their production were performed all the necessary regulations and standards.

If the solid slab of mdu bear the exceptional performance of the load is on the pbs "lies" and even visual. We all know the foundation blocks for the exterior are made with different sections, and this time allows implement a set of technical solutions to their use. If the pbs needed to construct the walls basement rooms, which are made of special strong material. Base, where we have used high quality foundation blocks for quality does not differ from monolithic! Because as a convenience, frost resistance, water resistance – the most important characteristics, which correspond to all of our pbs. For overlapping windows or doorways have a special design – special jumper, plugged into the wall with "filling" of the sound reinforcement and a high quality coating of concrete. Maybe just because of this, each apartment door, Window openings are considered to be the toughest place that is taken into account in dangerous areas. And the highest-quality jumpers are those for which everything, including concrete and rebar, "and from" manufactured by one plant.

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