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The online loan comparison that preemptively necessary Thal in the Switzerland, 25.09.2009. Due to the individual claims, the editorial staff from the various credit institutions monthly chooses the Bank with the most consumer-friendly conditions. In September 2009 the choice on the independent credit rating credit of the German credit Bank and the credit-dependent the Creditplus Bank fell. The DKB allows loans between the amount of 2,500 to 50,000 euros, the direct promise via Internet is possible, as well as even the loan repayment can be completed within six months. With this bank we found customer-friendly especially the effective annual percentage rate. He is 10,000 euros on 12 months distributed at 5.37 percent. You can also over seven years, to repay the loan with a low interest rate of 6.44 percent. This would mean a monthly payment of 147,75 euros for the customer”Joachim Kolmel explains the choice of the editors for the DKB.

Online-only credit of the Creditplus Bank Joachim Kolmel,. Chairman CEO explained, the decision for the credit-dependent credit of the Creditplus Bank: we can recommend our users also get this credit because also here to offer a low interest rate. Where we everyone to point out that this rate is available only online”. And the tabular listing Kolmel confirms in his statement; Here too, also measured with a loan of 10,000 euros, it is 84 months a particularly low, effective annual interest rate of 5.69 percent. For the consumer, this is equivalent to a monthly repayment of 143, 92 euros. The online loan comparison preventive consumers are necessary with the help of the portal of the CK comparison GmbH is able to recognize what costs on they will.

Monthly recommendation, mistakes can be avoided may under circumstances. The analysis of the test winner is performed by the editorial staff of the portal, the interesting credit conditions are compared and considered the possibilities on the personal needs of the individual in addition. With the Freestyle of the test winner, the portal also underscored how important it is making an online loan comparison. A cheaper loan is useful for some credit institutions only at first glance, closer look are extremely unfavorable conditions for the consumer. Even in an emergency situation, you should take the time a credit to use comparison in the internetwork. With the technical possibilities, this can be a time-effective and one avoids additional excessive annual interest. “, will give up Kolmel finally as a recommendation on the way. About credit, the Swiss company CK comparison GmbH operates one of the leading credit comparison portals on the Internet. On, consumers can obtain information about various credit facilities and online purchase a credit agreement.

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