Organization Management

General information a good manager must be attentive to the effects of changes, more in an uncertain scenario like that faces the country, in which the actions of the Governments affect crucially thus causing serious effects to the companies organizational behavior, forcing management to face them in such a way that affects them us, as also to give way to new changes that favor him in their participation in pro not only remain in the cattle markets, but to conquer new. There are many companies in the country, especially the SMEs, which does not have its own organizational culture, where the human resource is fully with it, and that is reflected in the resistance to change when management wants to give way to new programs, actions, plans, strategies that ensure them productivity, a good organizational behavior. Much discussed in management jargon, on the management of change, which constitutes one of the most relevant aspects of the globalization of the business management process, every time that both the Manager and the organization begin to confront complex situations of change in your environment that should not be attended in a dispersed manner, but that require a platform minimum that will ensure successful change in the Organization we are reminded, that change, according to the dictionary is action or effect of changing, which in turn is givingtake it put one thing into another, moving, vary, alter. The change word family at the most has made various organizations and it has become a protagonist of entrepreneurial endeavor. Today, the paradigm seems to be who is not suited to the change will die on the road. There is a consensus that change is a reality, that affects strongly, indeed the only thing solid to which it is possible to cling, is the certainty that anything that happens today, will have already changed the next day.The commitment is not to discover a truth that so far has escaped to others, if not to generate new practical action capabilities.

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