Palhano Dos Santos

or not, who knows disputing the fame to be recognized for the men and desiring corporeal property and it does not allow but to the Espirito Santo de Deus really to make the workmanship, men and women who already had lost to the first love to gain SOULS, already are if conforming with the world and even though hindering that many missionaries come to initiate IDE. the moment of awaking for the GOD voice, when the Espirito Santo de Deus, in the flame to make something is it which will be and where it will be. At this moment that preparation this text is 04:00 hs of day 06/02/2012., Mr. me woke up the 03:00 to read and to meditar and to initiate this text, I know that many had not understood but to that Mr. Jesus Christ has called to go and to continue with its ministry and you that the Espirito Santo de Deus this testifying saying. ‘ ‘ Therefore I am you your GOD, takes who you for your right hand. says not subjects to you; I you ajudarei’ ‘ (Is 42:13).

Jejue and prays and allows that the Espirito Santo de Deus, not yet directs its life and if you and baptism with the Espirito Santo de Deus, if you who really desire to be FULL of the GOD power, when to finish TO READ, this text will be receiving the virtue and the power from GOD, to go where to send you to the MASTER. That the favour and the Peace Mr. Jesus Christ is on each missionary who to read this article and that really comes to be a winner of souls.

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