Panel Kitchen

The new KCI touch panel is for cooking, frying and frying with boilers, Frying pans and deep fat fryers designed usable and for use in electrical, gas and low pressure steam equipment. Different frying operations, settings, and temperatures can be selected. Hygiene is essential in the kitchen. Here too the KCI touch panel will meet the highest requirements. It is seamlessly integrated into the instrument panel, so that no dirt can get. The Panel but also above the control panel can be installed on request. The protections of glass-ceramic makes it resistant to greases, acids and cleaner. The operation even with gloves or work-related greasy fingers is thus completely trouble-free.

Foil, breakthroughs, joints or switch all that is past. Who uses the new KCI touch panel, go play it safe also in care and maintenance is maintenance and care to play it safe. Devices equipped with KCI have your own cleaning function, which can be selected at the turn. The cooking function is disabled at the same time in this case and the device offers a selection semi-automatic cleaning programs. Maintenance or troubleshooting if necessary once: software updates can be imported via the integrated USB port.

Service contact with the customer service and dealer is directly in the KCI touch panel. Whether planning a new kitchen or mounted in one existing: devices with the new KCI Touchpanel Kuppersbusch Grosskuchentechnik integrate easily and simply. The light and comfortable operability, the optimum clarity and intelligent programming take several stress factors at a time the kitchen team. And help him just to high times, carefree and effectively the essential to deal with: the creative preparing of delicious meals. Since 1875 the name of Kuppersbusch is Kuppersbusch Grosskuchentechnik synonymous with tradition, quality and innovation. The company develops and produces advanced large kitchen appliances at the location Gelsenkirchen, the worldwide community catering, in Is hotels and catering businesses. In addition to the development of energy-efficient technologies such as the Gasgeblaserbrenner technology Kuppersbusch specializes the Palmarium gourmet flocks of the manufacture of individual stove installations. “Ensure only 88 of 166 employees from Kuppersbusch large kitchen technology in production that the high-tech devices made in Germany” are assembled at the highest level and sent to the entire world. 2011, the company generated a turnover of 30 million euros. Exports accounted for approximately 50%. Since 1999, Kuppersbusch belongs to the TEKA group, a global group of companies focusing on stainless steel processing, kitchen appliances and professional kitchens.

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