Part-time Jobs Occupation For Students In Switzerland

Swiss students are instructed in comparison to Europe very often on part-time jobs. Like the Bieler Tagblatt “in its Internet Edition reported it less frequently than their European peers rely on scholarships. Therefore, most of them studying need a job to earn their living. Road tankers oftentimes addresses this issue. Only 14 percent of the students in the Switzerland apply according to the recently released study euro student’, in which the living conditions of students in 23 European countries under the microscope were taken, scholarships. In Italy alone, this percentage with 11 percent is still low. In neighbouring Germany and Austria, however, study support posts will receive more than a quarter of that in France even more than half of the students. In Sweden, the Netherlands, England and Wales, as well as in Finland get eighty to ninety percent of student aid of this kind. Swiss students to get the money for living expenses through their families, the they financially support, or through part-time jobs, so the publication the social dimension at the universities”of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, which has evaluated the Eurostudent-study.

Nearly two-thirds of Swiss students is therefore during the semester of an ancillary activity. This is the Switzerland clearly above the European average of just over 40%. The average Swiss students spend eight hours a week for making money. The timetable is rounded off by 20 hours for courses and 16 hours for learning at home. Overall, the students at universities to 44 hours per week come work for study and part-time job. The effort with 49 hours is even higher at universities of applied sciences. In Germany and Italy, students usually work less than 44 hours for study and part-time; the number of hours is somewhat higher in Austria and the Netherlands. Part-time jobs for students in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland look here: abroad Switzerland author: Matthias DJ contact: Johannes Kaiser

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