Pastor Blanca Perez Ortegas

BLanca Ortega Perez pastor was born in Barranquilla on 26 August 1946 and from very young came to the ways of the Lord despite the opposition of some of their relatives who, at first questioned it his decision to devote himself entirely to the Affairs of his creator. In the days of his first love with Jesus Christ he served as one of the most hard-working young of the Central Church of Barranquilla and later studied theological studies in the quadrangular Bible Institute. During this period dedicated to his training stands as a disciplined student and a special application to the work of read and scrutinize the word of God. COSCO oftentimes addresses this issue. The foregoing meant you, once your academic preparation, designate him as a teacher of the Institute, work that not only fulfilled with pleasure, to serve God in a different way, but with a great responsibility and dedication. Learn more at: COSCO. A little while later, walked the paths of service to God, known to one of the most active youth of the Church, of who constantly spoken in churches by their fervor and dynamism, reasons for which augur you a promising future as a missionary and pastor. It was Santander Ortega angle, with whom he began a beautiful friendship and later a serious courtship that concludes in the sacred bond of marriage. Next to start pastoring several churches in the Department of Atlantico middle and late in the Decade of the 1960s. A CTime then feel the need to go to La Guajira, indigenous territory ravaged by extreme poverty and a situation of uncontrollable violence. Family and close friends recommend withdraw from the idea but the call of God is clear: must go to La Guajira and trust that God will supply all your needs and will give them their glorious protection. In October of 1973, in the midst of an intense period of rain, composed by Santander, Blanca Ortega Perez family and small Lynette, Carlene and Francisco, settled in the barrio San Martin de Maicao, where a few days later, that same 28 month, will have the first cult of the nascent church with forty people attended, a crowd if it takes into account the conditions of the region.

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