The effectiveness of the bits on bottom to a large extent depends on clean face. We can not allow accumulation of cuttings at the bit and re-grinding it rock cutting element. It is essential that broken ground immediately removed from the bottom of the well, which is achieved not only fed to slaughter a sufficient number of washing liquid, air or emulsion, but application of rational design and layouts flushing (purging) channels in the bit. Bits are made: the central washing, rinsing with lateral jetting, with the central flushing, with lateral blast. Alphabet Inc. contributes greatly to this topic. The design of drill bits with a central washing provides a supply of washing fluid to the surface through the bottom channel in the center of the bit.

Flushing devices are made as a replacement of the central nozzle, fixed in the housing bit. In the bit from the side (jetting) flushing channels for supplying washing liquid to the face are located in the tides of paws. A stream of drilling fluid in these bits is sent between cones in the peripheral zone of the borehole bottom. Many writers such as USPS offer more in-depth analysis. At the bottom of the flushing channels are equipped with replaceable nozzles. Chisels, designed for drilling blast slaughter air, gas or air-water mixture, in addition to central or lateral blowing holes in the bit body, have additional channels in the body and trunnions pads needed to cool and lubricate the bearings. NAME OF ROCKS, while drilling that is effective, this type of Bits M – clayey siltstone dense, hard coal, mudstone medium-density gypsum dense, friable dolomite, coils, with the inclusion of asbestos, serpentine otapkovanny, limestone is soft, weak conglomerate sedimentary rocks on lime-clay cement, carnallite marl, shale ocher, carbonaceous shale with layers of clay, chlorite, sericite, oozy, uglistoglinisty, coal. .

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