Portuguese Aristocracy

The Complex of Crbero (4), that is, when it opts to the conscience legalized with the conservadorismo, ahead of the situation that if presents, device Mr. is privileged above with the presented tripartio, at the same time where it suffers the consequences of three spalling to be able rocking. The episode, the War of the Pedlars, finishes with the decline you of device, due to direct participation of the Portuguese Crown in the aiding them its countrymen, the pedlars: the workmanship of defense of the treasury department, of the real patrimony, destroys all the sources of local authority, tied with the solidary populations and with its interests. The military services of conscription in the villages and the sertes yield the place to the Portuguese staff, castrated or captain-live as Regulation of 1709. (FAORO, op. cit.: 164). Must be observed in the analysis of this work the focus given to the mentality device Mr., demonstrating to be so penetrated of patriarcais conservadorismo and traditionalism that finished fomenting a social iimmobilism with the consequence it decline of this landlord? favoring, a posteriori, the ascension of the bourgeoisie pedlar. Gentlemen of the land who had molded the coast with ‘ ‘ hand of terra’ ‘ the point of regimentar its estamental hierarchy structuralizes its society, arriving at apogee of the sugar production, is bent over in the end to the uprising of a lusitana bourgeoisie supported by the Portuguese Aristocracy, result of a cultivation prisoner of a delimited monismo, vitimada for the malleability of the commerce bourgeois who if articulates the demands of the mercantile process.

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