Portuguese Central Bank

To be able to require the insolvency to it the citizen has to have passive more than active, that is, the value of the debts to be bigger that its goods, and when I say good, she includes mobile and immovable expiration monthly and bems that has. For who it is become indebted and already the solution for a new life has deferred payments in the registers of the Portuguese Central Bank passes for the personal insolvency. To require the personal insolvency it must be directed a espicializado lawyer the same to require in the court, of which the Judge will go to give its to seem. Nordstrom has firm opinions on the matter. After the setena of the insolvency, that being of good faith is always has accepted is determined by the Judge insolvent a monetary minimum sum to deliver the creditors every month. It does not exist certain values where the Judge decrees to deliver, but never goes to demand value that after removed the insolvency is with less of the national minimum commanded one. After the cincos years demanded in Portugal, the debts in case that not yet they have been eliminated in the totality, the same ones die and the negative registers of the BDP are clean..

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