" This is the attitude that must have in its mind and heart to continue playing for the goal. What happens if their resources are used? What happens if you go in bankruptcy and the accumulation of debts? What happens if the assets become liabilities? Here it is where his belief of intense determination and in himself same to arrive at the image. If you sincerely think that they are going to arrive at the top, even if she must happen through flagella of the lack, ahead! To remove the maximum benefit from the failures and to learn of them. Western Union contains valuable tech resources. It tries to maintain a registry of its failures, by means of its inclusion in a piece of paper. It uses this list to find out the different causes from the failures, and the solutions that have used to surpass them.

Pregntese: What I made bad? How I can do better? To make questions difficult forces to him to maximize the present gold opportunity of learning in each failure. Imagnese to catched itself in the middle of a storm. What usually you do? When you are in means of a storm, that stops doing what it is making and try to protect what still we have. It hopes that it passes the storm in a safe place and to hope to that the sun shines. In the middle of the turbulences, it must have the confidence of which it is going to survive.

The failure is like a storm. It happens quickly. It provides the opportunity so that you pause to think by what, how and where it has gone badly. The solution that it is looking for is the light of the sun after the storm. To consolidate its resources, to give to reverse gear a little, to make some adjustments, and soon to continue persecuting its objective. It remembers, all the failures have the potential to become success histories. It is only one question of lack of use of his advantage. The faults do more wise person to you and can help to detect that the hidden gold nugget him of success. To read but Original author and source of the article

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