Presented Franchise System

GMC global management consultants AG at a press conference in Zurich presented Rieta de Soet, Board President of the GMC AG together with Dr. Fabian de Soet the GMC franchise system. Once again, GMC AG’s management responds to the ever-growing requests from people who want to become self-employed with a business center headquartered in Zug/Switzerland and parent company of IBS. The GMC system, allows a self-employment the prospects with its imported brand of IBS and the business concept, proven for more than 20 years with minimal risks. The advantages for franchisees are clearly obvious. Franchisees receive a week-long intensive theoretical training and a one to two-month practical training at a business center in the Switzerland or abroad. This allows a quick start into their own independence with a well established brand and proven business concept. In addition, the franchisee receives a more than 300 pages of comprehensive franchise Guide to the successful operate a business center.

Business centers offer fully furnished offices and conference rooms which can be rented short – and long-term. Business Center have a perfect Office infrastructure with qualified personnel. In addition, the GMC Business Centre offer a customized phone service, back-office, marketing support, building sales organizations, management time, translations and interpreting services. Whether Office, representative office or sales office, GMC offers an optimal solution with an impressive cost-benefit ratio and a very personal and professional service, so Dr. Fabian de Soet. About GMC AG: GMC global management consultants AG is a team of business managers, accountants, administrative employees as well as marketing and business consultants, who have a 20-year secretarial experience.

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