This can be judged by knowing the total height of the stone and comparing it with the height of a round diamond. Diamonds, having elongation, such as oval, pear, marquis, may be an optical effect "bow ties>> to a darkening in the central part of the stone, based across the elongation. This is the effect of trade is considered undesirable and reduces the cost of the stone. There are the most recognized ratio of length to width, which is different for different forms. For example, for the Marquis is 2:1 to 1,5:1 emerald (a kind of emerald without extension usually goes with name Asher), for the Princess of 1:1, but personal preferences may differ from these proportions, so the stones can be both long and short. Need to pay attention that if a fancy shape suggests change the thickness of the girdle around the perimeter of the stone, in the thickest part of the girdle should not seem very thick, and in the thinnest part – extremely thin. Round brilliant round diamonds of all cut shapes the most popular, perhaps because of their strong 'game' and a greater return of white light to the observer than in other cuts. When you create a round-cut the yield of diamond is much smaller than in the case of other ogranok. This, along with the high popularity of round diamonds – two major causes of high enough value of these stones. Round-cut sets standards for other forms and is more than 75% of all sold in Today diamonds.

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