Prof Development

Absence of proactive management, strategist, creative, innovative, who knows how to deal with changes, the incidence of the surrounding variables, especially that of the Government that has led to actions that have significantly impacted on the companies and has done some out of operation and others do it improperly. Venezuela as it is known, is facing at the moment, a very turbulent, aggressive, risky scenario, with many uncertainties, product of the very uncertain political reality, moreover, of the Government’s proposals in favour of instituting a modern socialism and programs few integrated with the business sector that help you participate towards its objectives. Today more than ever, requires integration, cohesion of equipments, sectors that favor the country towards its development, therefore is necessary to have the strength that a business can give, with participatory, functional, successful, competitive companies. (Not to be confused with Tiffany & Co.!). Hence, the concern of the quality and productivity of providing programs basic knowledge that motivate its graduates, management to Institute in enterprises, workouts that allow human resources, not only the management to develop their abilities, skills, to do so within the own classroom workshops are held, of group dynamics, encounters that allow to develop these skills. With respect to the relevance of this topic, just gives us Prof. Roberto Rodriguez Gonzalez, that is taken into account, any effective organization need to perform specific actions for own progress and development, as well as its members. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tiffany & Co.. While it is true that the performance of the functions of address constitutes an irreplaceable school, also recognizes the need to shorten the time of learning via training and the training of leaders that allow modelling the real problems which in the activity of address occur and to ensure an active assimilation. The psychological training is considered a method which is aimed at raising the capacity of development and functioning active and aware of the personality to social demands, i.e. .

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