Ramonet Climate

The cause of such grisly prophecy is climate change, and will be one of the many acts to which humanity will assist during the development of this tragedy, hatched between droughts, floods and food shortages. When we speak of climate change often we think of the increase of the sea level and the melting of glaciers. But equally important is to know how the increase in temperatures on the planet and the fluctuation in precipitation levels affect the distribution of disease-causing pathogens dangerous, experts explain. The health of the animals is closely related to the ecosystems in which they live and the environment that surrounds them. And any alteration, even the smallest, brings enormous consequences in diseases that can suffer and transmit as climate changes, said Dr.

Steven Sanderson, President of the society for conservation of nature. Cholera, plague bubonic or yellow fever, could again become a nightmare for human health due to the effects of climate change. The price of oil seems like crazy. He first climbed exceedingly and put many in the world with hands on head, because he spent the $100 barrier and continued rising. Now it turns out that it began turning down precipitous way and go for a little more than $60 barrel.

Already there is talk that the number of people who go hungry every day in the world will have an immediate increase of some 70 million, up from 854 million who live in such a precarious situation. However, that nothing is said in the capitalist political circles and mass media. Ignacio Ramonet geopolitical Analyst believes that this huge international financial crisis that is spreading to the whole of the banking and financial squares of the world, represents a change of model. We left an era and entered another. It is not one crisis. The markets know from more than two centuries cyclical crises.

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