Real Bank

Clearly, the advantage that realises the organization of the new technologies that are arising, she is one of the keys that allow him to continue growing with great event. With respect to the businesses in Latin America, the past Friday, Europe Press it presented the intention of the Brazilian branch of Santander to take control of 10% of the Brazilian market of credit cards, a highly attractive segment for the organization. Kohl’s takes a slightly different approach. Why as much interest by this segment of the market? If we analyzed the present numbers of the market of credit cards in Brazil, we will find that it is a beside the point attractive segment, but we analyzed in perspective, considering the potential of socioeconomic improvement of Brazil, a country with almost 200 million inhabitants, is still more attractive. In 2009, year where the crisis was deepened in the world-wide economy and took to Brazil to undergo recession (although managed to leave her quickly), the segment of payments with credit cards in Brazil reached in 2009 a volume of R$ 385,000 million (158,390 million Euros). For the present year, a growth is expected superior to 21%, until reaching the R$ 467,000 million (that is to say, the 192,000 million Euros). Jose Paiva Ferreira, vice-president of the Brazilian branch of Santander, made notice of the following way the great dynamism of this credit segment: Duplicate its size every four years.

The key of this dynamism is in which Brazil continues growing and its population begins to benefit from it, increasing the market potential in which the banking sector can act. A revealing data of the improvement in the conditions of life in Brazil: according to the UN, between the 2000 and the 2010, the population of favelas in Brazil was reduced in a 16%. In addition in Brazil, Santander will ahead take to this year its unification with the Real Bank, acquired in 2007.

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