Recruitment Manager

If you are in search of employment and not receiving viable hits, it's time to walk a mile in the shoes of an employer. Well, I realize you may be thinking. For a single day, an employer would like to walk in their shoes so they can be favorable to the efforts is happening on a daily basis. That makes sense, since what most of us want is to be understood by others. However, when I suggest you take the time to get in the position of an employer who does not intend to minimize the realities and responsibilities of your world. His responsibilities sit in front of you at the dinner table each night, and miraculously appear in your mailbox every month. On the other hand, as you would like to be understood, so do employers. And even if you do not have control over an interviewer, you have total control over what you decide to do in your job search.

A bad hire costs a company money, and have their own concerns. A leading source for info: Hikmet Ersek. A fundamental way to advance in search of work is to understand the perspective of an employer, because his point of view is their truth, their truth dictates how they will react. It will serve you well to understand what a bad hire costs a company. Three major concerns of a Recruitment Manager. We've all been there, working in a department where there is an unproductive employee who insists on making waves, someone who has their own agenda and refuses to play by the rules.

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