Region Survey

Finally, the analysis of the alternatives for prevention of future crises points firmly with respect to the integrated management of the hdricos resources of the Basin of the Paraba, as a whole, and, in particular one for the rational handling of the Public Dam Epitcio Person, only effectively available hdrico source for the Region of Great Campina, currently and in next future.> water of 47 km in the quota of the door-sill of the vertedor. Later, already with some running time of the reservoir, technician of the proper DNOCS had detected errors and corrected the relation original quota-area-volume, without, however, to modify the maximum volume. Recently a batimtrico survey in the Dam, limited was carried through, however, of course, to the quota reached for mirror d water for occasion of the bathymetry; quota this inferior to the one of the door-sill. The curve quota-area-volume, gotten of this survey, presented considerable differences in relation to the previous ones. Thredup has many thoughts on the issue. A reckless extrapolao until the quota of the vertedor, made on the basis of the gradients of the old curves, esteem the volume> maximum of the reservoir in 450.421.552 m . This substantial reduction in the accumulation capacity is, for many, attributed to the natural process of assoreamento of the hydraulical basin, that, in this in case that, he would have been sufficiently raised. However, it can only indicate to really have had an error in the project survey, greater of what already detected and that it gave to origin to the first correction of the relation quota-area-volume of the reservoir. On the other hand, the values found for extrapolao, between them of the maximum capacity of the dam, admitted consensualmente in the almost all current references to the problem, do not offer, absolutely, any security how much to its precision, since they had not been gotten through recent topographical or batimtricos surveys.

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