Russian Constitution

The meeting was held in the format “no tie”. It’s like school children – they are not worried and boldly asked pointed questions about ecology, curfew, all the programs that waste, the prospects of the city. Last school is especially important for: seniors choose a profession and want to make it marketable. Alexei Morozov, to answer questions honestly and confidently, adding that the city government tries to inform young people about their activities and it is important to know the opinion of the younger generation. Today the administration is banking on the young: in Satka in the near future will be a youth parliament, formed by staff reserve of young leaders. After this chapter described how city government works institution: students acquainted with the functions and activities of the deputies, budgeting, decision-making mechanism. He drew note that the foundation of the state at all levels – the Constitution defines the rights and freedoms, and – very importantly – the responsibilities of citizens.

At the end of the head with the children participated in the design of “Tree rule of law. ” Its roots – it’s society’s values, the trunk – the Russian Constitution, the branches – the laws, and the fruits for which planted a tree – the behavior of people. For students attached branches are the most important, in their view, the laws – individual freedom, the right to education, freedom of opinion and vote, and others. Decals with the fundamental principles of the Constitution – freedom, equality, fraternity – attached at their request, Alexei Morozov. Then they all sang the hymn with the school. Mikhail Mirilashvili usually is spot on. As Larissa told Novichikhina, history and social studies teacher, head teacher schools, which prepared the lesson, the school – a small state, ruled by schoolchildren. So, in her view, citizenship is developed, initiative.

In the past year have been adopted coat of arms and symbols of the school, and graduated from Mary Moseykina, it is now a student who composed the national anthem. The school director Valentina Erusheva, summarizing the activities and noted that such lessons, the more with the participation of top managers of the city are very important for teenagers. After the lesson students surrounded Alexei Morozov and again showered him with questions. Communication was so rapid, that the call to the next lesson none heard.

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