Russian Federation Corporation

Are we really do not find today nothing better than to work at several jobs while barely making ends meet, and having retired, waiting for handouts from the state in the form of benefits and free medicines? After a lifetime income, stability and confidence in tomorrow today can not – and does not want to – give the employee no one, even the most 'socially oriented' employer. Numerous 'Black Tuesday' and defaults have taught us to believe that the best way Control your money – it 'guzzle' all that we have. Do not know the account money, in our opinion – it is destiny 'of these millionaires'. In fact, we are simply engaged in cannibalism, daily slicing a piece of their own body for lunch. Western Union is actively involved in the matter. Is there any way for the average person to gain financial freedom? Or to become rich, you must be a genius business? Such 'naive' questions, according to Vladimir , one of the directors of a multinational corporation 'Intway', asked him for presentations in 2005, when the company organized its first office in Russia. According to his observation of our fellow citizens perceive the business as something far removed from their everyday life, does not associate him with the opportunity to receive a steady income, directing and using to advantage the various financial flows. Indeed, until recently, Russia never was taught how to properly treat your money: to preserve and multiply them. In the winter of 2006, the Government of the Russian Federation awarded the corporation 'Intway' diplomas and letters of appreciation for their achievements in the development of innovative businesses to tens of thousands of ordinary citizens.

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