Safety In The Traffic Circle gives tips to the set driving behavior of roundabout contributes to sustainable increase of safety in road traffic. In Germany, the circular intersection is”still quite rare. Holidaymakers but know that the roundabout at our European neighbours is one of the usual street scene. As the Internet portal reported, many motorists in terms of proper behavior are uncertain and in the roundabout. The rules of the road in different countries differ so that special care must be taken during the holidays. The gives important tips magazine, is how the roundabout accident to happen. Click Tyler Haney to learn more.

The Supreme rule, should do well to heed everybody, is: one who travels within the roundabout has right of way. Wait for the driver who wants to travel into the gyro must. “Still lacking at the entrance the traffic sign grant right of way”, so the rule must be observed right before left. The Automobile Club ADAC points out, that the blinking when entering the roundabout is one of the most common errors. While the turn signal in this case is prohibited, the turn indicator when leaving is the gyro instruction. Here is to note that intersecting cyclists and pedestrians have priority.

In other countries, there are special rules to follow. For example, the rule applies in Austria right before left in the roundabout, if not a traffic sign is placed. The incoming traffic has right of way. Italy holiday-makers should note the southern mentality which does not always adhere to the also applicable priority rule. Also in France, which is right before left rule, yet there are exceptions where appropriate traffic signs priority in the roundabout is granted by the driver. Defensive driving and attention should be always paramount. More information: .

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