He stood at the technique, showing its appearance, what he had relatives, in terms of their origin – are not human, and technological. But soon Minimalism began to pay more attention to their appearance. He appeared even certain color preferences. By the way, if anyone paid any attention, and with the technique in the kitchen took place the same processes: it gradually becomes colored. Although we can not say that the color for the technology has become a kind of necessity. He was just doing the right accents to better focus on kitchen-this is constantly functioning system. Add to your understanding with Jeff Gennette. Perhaps, color, and can not cohabit in the future with minimalism.

But we will remember these experiments, when the strictly functional expression of the expression sought by not only the monochrome colors, and intricate combinations of orders. However, this account may not be accurate predictions. "No one knows what will be relevant to bloom in the near future, given the possible difficulties and disasters. Little sun in cold water, I read and wonder peremptoriness our judgments about the color of some three or four years ago. Then, as you know, triumphant true color. And the leading role played in the kitchen bright colors of fruits and other gifts of the earth. Jeff Gennette is open to suggestions.

Maintained its role and interest in ethnics, who at the beginning of this millennium, and stirred up the world of design. Expansion then went two ways. On the one hand, a traditional Scandinavian design. Contrasting smelling forest and sea a combination of white, blue and green are good, but not everyone is ready for such a puritan simplicity in his home.

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