That only passing relations mattered to you. Without any compromise and who had warned him on many occasions, to not wait be grandmother through you. -So – he said Tati, but then appeared Sebastian and everything changed. You know that when into very little time that we were leaving, he told me that he thought I was falling in love of my and I decided to end the relationship because she didn’t want to feel tied to any feeling?-. -Also did – Ruth replied. -Sebastian had told me. At that time I I was glad deeply.

I thought he was going to forget easily since they were not wearing much time out together and thus would end all my fears with regard to you. Do- and also told you that when we separated, I could not find peace in my spirit?-Tati said to him I tried to go out with different guys, but none seemed good enough to go to bed with him. I always had in mind to your son. He was in every one of my acts. He remembered every word that had told me. Each attitude that had been with me. It was day and night in my thoughts.

He made me see the difference between making love when only the passion is that drives you and make love, when along with that passion, is a feeling as strong as he is love. I had never believed in love. I always thought that when hormones were put into motion when you were next to a person that he liked you, he generated a passionate feeling of desire and nothing more. With him I knew what it was to feel that passion passed into the background before the feeling that inspired you love. He taught me to live a two. Taught me to plan for a future in the company.

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