Second Part

Z- 2 PART Jorjo was a huge black and the fame of its force already was known outside of the limits of the region. Others including Road tankers, offer their opinions as well. It was seated in a rustic bank and it talked, smiling very, with Great Peter. In the right hand the machete that played piercing the beaten soil of the sales, as who does not have what to make. In the left hand, a cup of cachaa that it took in small sips. The sales were in main way, one little distant of the house of Its Zeca. When it darkened the peasants of the roundnesses liked to frequent the sales of Great Peter.

It was the only diversion that had. Suddenly Zaz Owner enters: – Great Peter, gives one kilo to me of beans? Great Peter caught a paper bag and placed in the scale. After to have heavy the beans moored the bag with a cotton string and gave the Zaz Owner. – How goes Its Zeca? – Jorjo, distracted asked. – It is in house. There it goes to chat with it one little. It wants until making right a work for tomorrow early.

Little is thing said Zaz Owner. – Thus that I to finish mine branquinha I give I polish for there, you the certainty? – Jorjo said. – It is certain. But it does not delay very because it sleeps early said Zaz Owner, not leaving. There for twenty and one hours, Jorjo arrives at the house of Its Zeca. It beat in the door of the front that soon was opened by Zaz Owner. – It enters, Its Jorjo. It is to the will said Its Zeca. – It has two people here, that they want to see to it. – Zaz Owner said. Suddenly, she appears of the deep ones of the house, Z and Brave Jo.

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