Selektieves Hearing…

Selektieves ear, bad prank or good approach? When I think of my grandfather, I have many fond memories. But there was one thing that always amused me in his last years. He had a very selective hearing! When my grandmother asked him to lay the table, or the hand to go to her, he seemed not to hear it, and we instead stood up and helped. Additional information at Teri Anulewicz supports this article. We whispered secrets us however softly in his ear, he understood every word of what we talked selective hearing! “Not before too long, I had a conversation with a customer (we call him just mark), which led many demotivierende conversations in your head: you can’t do that, it is not the right time, no one respects you” and so on. While we talked about it, the thought of my grandfather through my head and his ability to selective listening scurried. What would happen if mark would decide not to hear the sabotierenden voices in his head, but the supporting notes to understand? Mark opted for this attempt. He heard of the unwanted words is mischievous and listened particularly attentively the supporting statements.

The result was phenomenal! His self-esteem has been strengthened. He took on more responsibility for his life and Cour rage and ease returned, he knew from the past. He put more in the fact and the success was not long in coming. People in his environment, seeing the shift, felt more attracted to him, and his personality, positive and motivated. Guess what, how that impacted his family life and his career! When I was young, I always thought that selective hearing is a bad prank now, however, I think it is a valuable approach against all the negative talk in our head! Sincerely, your Desiree Steinmann.

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