Senior Quality Management

The Senior Management is frustrated by the results, which do not go beyond the improvement of corporate image and its executives are adding to the growing list of those who believe that management systems are nothing more than marketing for the organization. Why is this?, Do you really management systems of quality can not say bring the benefits they bring?, What we are really prepared for this type of management? and even there are some who think they had a very benevolent certification company.

None of this could be the main reason why your management system does not bring the promised benefits, simply because it takes the system of quality management as a goal or purpose to be achieved, which ends when you get certification. But management systems are not an end, rather they are a means to achieve efficiency and improve our processes. With the implementation and management system certification of quality all we are getting is the tool for improvement, the next step is to start using it daily. The problem lies in the hope that the Quality Manager to maintain the system in the same way that we implement it, and this does not work that way.

Each of the members of the organization, starting from the top management must make the system work, but taking the quality as a way or philosophy of work and not just as a goal to reach. None other than any official can do the work that has been assigned, then you can not separate the responsibility for the quality of the organization to a specific person, each is responsible for performing their work according to the established requirements. You must become aware that quality is the way to be more competitive, with satisfied customers, and thus no goal.

The systems of quality management are tools that enable the organization to move along the path of quality to achieve the expected benefits, and the first who must become aware of that are the leaders of the organization. Quality starts in each of the people with the attitude and commitment they have to change and innovation to continue through the ongoing implementation of the tool called system management. With the implementation of the system of quality management, the job is not done, is just the beginning.

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