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At the request of many visitors who ask me and other search engines, I have requested a tutorial course without so much mess and easy to understand, since usually these are too difficult to understand and lead to confusion rather than bring about learning fast. First of all I recommend reading manuals web optimization, SEO, Google and everything related to achieve an effective keyword search for websites. But in response to requests create this mi-nor fast, effective tutorial to understand how to perform all these processes and appear on google by optimizing a website. Step One: Blog and Website, any website on the net that does appear on the search engines is on the first page or on the tenth (1 …. 5 …. 10) certainly has what it SEO optimization calls. Google and other search engines ask web site creators to deliver optimized pages to index them into their databases, so that when a Web search do this, deliver links and addresses segmented and sponsored search.

Be thousands, millions of pages out fighting for first, but that only happen if I make all possible SEO optimization steps, and only 10 pages will be the first chance of being selected by the user, before leaving that search. Apparently only the first ten pages are those that are reviewed as percentage of response options in an Internet search engine, so it is very important to optimize our web pages or blog. This will be done on each page or post on your website, somewhat tired and hard work but you will receive great benefits to start at the top Google, Yahoo, Live etc …

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