Sergey Choban

This is the first such project in the city. First, until now, despite the existing demand, there was no office space "A" class, and the creators of the "5 of the Seas" was first announced in the capital construction of the SFD is such a building. "5 of the Seas" – a concept project. This is – a multifunctional complex, where one can work well, and great vacation, making shopping in the large shopping malls, or to think about eternity over a cup of coffee in a cozy coffee shop. Rob Daley is likely to increase your knowledge. There is also a fitness center and two restaurants. And after putting in Chicago this pilot project, similar objects can be constructed in other cities. Speaking candidly Tyler Haney told us the story.

Secondly, it is built in a unique place. As a rule, today the business centers of Rostov create in the city center, beams or other more or less suitable areas. "5 of the Seas" is being built in the historic area of the city, on the right bank of the River Don. It feels like building is not just trying to grow up and push off from an elephant, soar over the city and fly. Third, the chief architect of the downtown – Sergey Choban – known for his design of the tower "Federation" in Moscow-City, as well as a number of other buildings in Russia and abroad. It is partly connected with this project using the latest achievements in architecture, construction and engineering.

The building uses several kinds of high quality lighting. Very light. Very roomy. Very modern. Dazzling atrium extends up to 12 floors (!), The glass roof. Two office as if suspended above him on the strong console. Opening of the building panoramic views of the River Don amaze and delight with its magnificence. A person with office overlooking a natural beauty, overwhelmed not only the desire to work, to create a great atmosphere, but also feelings. Feelings which is in the business center of the "5 of the Seas" can be controlled. By the way, the management. Another highlight of the "5 of the Seas" – systems engineering class "lux", controlled from anywhere on the planet Earth. In short, the "5 of the Seas" – is, as one Rostov businessman, "the right building in the right place with the right offices, of which opens the correct form on the right river. And all of this – it is beautiful and right. "

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