Shipping Trade

New shipping trade for dog accessories rooms, opens the September 30, 2008 – after 6 months of preparation and conception Zimmerner Internet mail order dealer Wauzikontor reports on the launch of the website Over 800 products are immediately available and will be shipped via the newly-related logistics warehouse which is central and well signposted in the commercial area near Rottweil with direct A81 is connection. Best quality at the best price, it depends on the customers of Wauzikontor. Design, product selection and pricing are grouped around this core statement, the simple, reduced design of the corporate design as well as the actual shops always support the Kontor principle”: low prices and thus specific cost savings for customers through direct sales and POS via Internet and clearance sale. Shop and corporate design was implemented by the Zimmerner agency CUBUS28. – everything for your dog military road 47 78658 rooms press contact: Dennis Rottler rottler at Wauzikontor is the online store with a extensive selection of articles around the dog: including dog collars, linen, dishes and many other useful things that make the daily “dog’s life” easier and more pleasant..

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