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Currently, the biggest social net of the planet counts more than on 500 million participants around of the globe. One in each twelve using people are assduas of the badalado Facebook. Premidos of lacks that they need to be supplied, emptinesses that demand fulfilling and necessities that lack of immediate satisfaction, those that they look such things in the chimerical virtual world if display the definitive risks, whose consequncias go to the contrahand of what they longed for to get. The action of pedfilos and aliciadores of minors for illicit ends is facilitated by the frightful frequency with that children and adolescents pass entire days in sites of relationships, many times searching what the arduous routine of work and tasks of the parents does not allow them to get in house. Perhaps in this point it is possible to formulate an against-argument to the anti-essencialismo lawyer for Freud and for as much others, exactly having science of the afoito quo this seems. The thesis becomes reasonable of that all the men have yes something in common, something that exceeds the barriers of its biological limits and converge to what some can call ' ' essncia' '. But, after all, where consists such universal, present characteristic in all the race human being? I believe that the reply for this question already it has come to baila with what it are displayed until here. However, valley to the penalty to undertake efforts in the direction to become it clearer.

The pretension to become really important, of truily being distinguished enters a multitude in which all the beings seem equal, and many treated times are of this form, the burning hot desire of that somebody recognizes them something of good and that it calls its attention and the others for such characteristic, are capable to above synthecize a good reply for the placed question. Such comments can seem, to the eyes of a hasty reader, too much fixed e, even though, to try the idea of that the spirit of all the species human being if finds permeado by megalomanacas emotions. However, I fear that such agreement can mitigate the importance and complexity of the subject, making simplificaes not held for the same. For even more details, read what Clifton Robbins says on the issue. What it fits to each one enxergar, and with this it will be reached cerne of the treated subject, is fact of that nobody is, for proper itself or for its nature, a completely self-sufficient being, absolutely mechanic and that he does not need you are welcome more than a simple ones arrives in port biological to give continuation to its activities, is they which will be. The recognition of the subjectivity of each one on the part of that they are to its redor, as well as the valuation of the same one for them, can be seen as powerful remedies which all need, but that only some are made use to give.

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