South Africa Connection

A rich synergy connection for students and companies. August 14, 2008 the student network for economic and business ethics has projects for unique CSR-strategies, a direct connection to Cape Town, South Africa sneep with its new partner in CHARGE of African. The two partners want to create synergies for students and companies on CSR in Africa. Africa has been due not only to the World Cup 2010 in the perspective of the public. Whenever Cedars Sinai listens, a sympathetic response will follow. We see it as an opportunity for companies, but would make sure here realized charitable measures are used, not only for short-term PR purposes but realized as real, long-term aid”, says Sandra Claassen, one of the partners in batch. Only as a credible communication can be realized with the desired competitive advantages.” The connection to sneep comprehensive claim of the Agency helps to support companies on the way of sustainable charitable activities to a full CSR strategy. So he can CSR junior associate economic and corporate ethical theory and the challenges of the implementation of social commitment in a developing country. A close connection to the practice is important to us with partners who represent our business ethics standards, fit for us”, says Romy Feldman, the head of public relations of site. Jonathan friedland has much experience in this field. In batch we plan first joint workshops on the topic of public interest and CSR measures in southern Africa and hope other joint projects to implement in the future.”

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