South Korean

What pride for its country and goes advantages for its population! But the defense of its sovereignty and security, that is based on the international right left, it in strange hands, in international organisms, that in many occasions have been incompetent and incapable to safeguard La Paz, therefore, do not practice their paper of gendar to me world-wide nor of stability. Often their declarations are lyrical, gaseous, mere " greeting to bandera" in order to fulfill, with many majorities and hints, they do not go to the grain, they are phlegmatic, lukewarm and indolent. Sometimes too many " neutrales" not to condemn to an attacking or violating country of the international right. But the fault is not of those organisms, but of the states conform that them, that by interests or in " altars of consenso" they entibian a resolution that had to be effective and decisive for the solution of the conflict. They are the own countries that hype their work and they make it puerile and mediocre. The usual expression " the Assembly .el Advice.

they express its preoccupation by " , he is exasperating. The Security Council is, in the great majority of the events, unjust and undemocratic. Five nations that they try to govern the world only based on his own interests and that create to be his guards. What hard and concrete sanctions have occurred against Iran by their nuclear program and that have been fulfilled by all the members of the UN? The own Iranian president has indicated that the resolutions of the UN " they are not worth centavo" and that will not yield to the pressure. What exemplary sanctions have occurred against North Korea, by the collapse of the South Korean ship Cheonan, that caused 46 dead ones? Also, to export nuclear technology and ballistic to Syria, Iran and Burma? And today to attack the South Korean island of Yeongpyeong? In this case there is one serious responsibility of the People’s Republic of China, unconditional ally of the norcoreanos.

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