Spanish Rank

To learn about the progress of sites that compete with their own businesses. The great advantage of the Internet is that we can access lots of information that is beyond our reach in the offline world. What are the free tools most often used to evaluate your business on the Internet? 1. Page Rank Page Rank is a trademark of Google. Unlike what many believe, his name is not derived from the word Page (which means page in Spanish), but the name of its creator, Larry Page. Page Rank measures the relative importance of each web page with an integer between 0 and 10.

The growth in Page ranking is exponential, i.e. as a page rises in the score, its importance does not rise linearly, but exponentially, similar to the earthquake Richter scale. It is important to also know that Page Rank renews its information every quarter, so it must be reviewed every 3 months. You can check the PR of any page using tools that are available online, for example: 2. Alexa is a way to measure the audience that has every website in the world.

Its measurements are respected on the Internet. Many sponsors and advertisers take into account the position in this ranking to promote and sell their products. However, only it collects information from users who have installed the toolbar from Alexa, Alexa Toolbar, which can lead to inaccurate results. If you want to install an Alexa toolbar in your web site, can go to the following link: 3. Google Analytics is one of the most important tools that you will never have to assess the progress of your business in Internet. The information that delivers this tool literally worth gold. Google Analytics will provide you with data about: which site comes his visit how to found your site long remained on your site which pages visited with what keyword arrived in which country they live how to install Google Analytics on your web site? You have to open an account and add the code to your web site. I recommend developing a registration form Excel using these 3 tools interchangeably. Page Rank and Alexa should be reviewed every 3 months and the data provided by Google Analytics should be studied once a month. So you can be well informed about the progress of your business in Internet.

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