Spanish Wines

Press when OJ Spain?. Personally all parties involved should take a quick solution. There are several reasons that make me think like this: On one hand, producers or winemakers quality of each OJ (large and small) will cease to pull the car to others, other criteria more dubious business, not taking advantage of the fame created by a few. I mean, ycuantas holds, by say the least, in Rioja, for example, survive by selling their wine out of that denomination, without the least effort to make a fairly good wine?. This wine could be anywhere, but sell it through to the last name you put. This example is valid for Navarra, Ribera, etc. Therefore it is necessary that the wines are as of products that are good in themselves, not their origin.

And who buys a shower gel that is made in Zamora?, you buy is good not where it was developed. Everyone should build your brand and the customer decide to try it, if it convinces or no. On the other hand, creating a common DO, will be strong against the onslaught of foreign competition. France is collapsing, its wines can not compete in the market with wines from other places. Spain remains, including growing its global expansion, but the market starting to notice the presence of foreign wine, cheap, at times, and of poor quality due to poor control exercised over them in their respective countries. Chilean wines, Argentine, Australian, South African ycuantas people are able to tell from which particular?. It is my opinion and I summarize: DO Spain means, quality brands and union to advance in all aspects.

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