Speeding Wheels

May not be possible. Then – halt a sharp slide started with the steering in the direction of the skid and immediately back, accompanying this discharge gas. Here the main thing – to return the steering wheel immediately, without waiting for the reaction. Otherwise, such manipulations can lead to a 'change of position': the car will carry the other side for an even greater angle. Contrary to public; opinion, automatic transmission, if you use it carefully, makes winter driving.

The fact that the leading 'bridge' is connected to the engine is not hard, but through the fluid coupling, which smooths out the jerks and jolts in the transmission and will not allow the wheels suddenly crank (Lock) with a sharp click (release) the gas pedal. Ie transmission 'smooth out' the possible driver error (up to a certain limit, of course). But we must take into account the speed! Forced downshifts plus Speeding is often equal to forcibly broken box or block the drive wheels and then forced the same skid Front-wheel drive. Additional recommendations. 'I go in the winter, so prefer front-wheel drive '- so reason many motorists. They feel more confident and in turn, on the line and insist that their machines almost stalled. Indeed, thanks to the excellent exchange rate stability, front-wheel drive car gives the driver some more confidence than the 'rear-wheel drive. " The front wheels 'pull' back obediently roll over them. In addition, the engine is constantly weighing his load the front wheels, which greatly improves their grip, and if the car stalled, then the driver left a large pool of: turning the front leading, usually you can find for that catch.

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