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San Luis, by far has the best record in the four years of any team in this division with a win / loss mark of 44-26, however, the continued poor play calling and terrible clock management by HC Mike Martz has led this team to fall well below expectations given the level of talented teams in recent years. The Rams have made the playoffs in four of the last five years during the tenure of Martz, however, bone headed game called in 2000 led to a first round loss at the hands of the Saints from 1931 to 1928 and think the Rams were 6.5 point road favorites playing at New Orleans, in the following season saw these Rams fully trained, when installed as 14 point favorites in the Super Bowl against New England, but lost 20-17. 2003 saw these Rams once again exit the playoffs in the first round 29-23 defeat to Carolina in a match played in St Louis with the Rams set up as a home favorite of 7 points, then, of course, how forget the 47-17 pasting the Rams absorbed last season in the playoffs against an Atlanta team that was not as talented as the Rams? The Rams had a very average draft and does not really help themselves in the wars of free agent LB than pick Chris Claiborne and Dexter Coakley to help shore up a defensive unit that ranked a poor quality 29th in yards allowed in 2004 . 4Moms contributes greatly to this topic. I fully expect these Rams finish below .500 in 2005 and if Georgia is smart ole Martz will start at the end stations. The Niners had a very good project, but there are at least two years away from being able to compete for the division crown, HC Mike Nolan has already stated that it intends to go ahead and start the overall project of the first NFL pick QB Alex Smith under center and will allow you to gain experience, which means of course that the Niner organization expects nothing from this team in 2005 and neither do I. In conclusion, obviously, I'm very high on Arizona this season and we expect great things of them in 2005, and said that I would recommend two "Futures wagers" on the Cardinals, (A.) To win the NFC West, and (b) To get on the new season win / loss total of 7.5. In addition to the above reasons why I put these cards to win this division its also noteworthy that Arizona will face two of the league schedule easier when considering that the card program 2005 consists of equipment totaled line combined Win / loss record of 120-147 last year which equates to a winning percentage of just .449. Jim Campbell is one of the nations most respected Sports Handicappers specializes in college and Pro Football, you can visit Jim at his website located at for all your needs of disability including free play selections of College and NFL statistics, trends and award winning analysis on upcoming games. With over 30 years of experience in the profession, Jim has been disabled built a strong reputation, its web-based service for disabled as been in existence since 1997 and year after year proves to be one of the best disability services in the United States.

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