STALKER – Shadow Of Chernobyl

In 1986, an explosion rocked a nuclear plant in Chernobyl, which triggers one of the most devastating nuclear disaster in history. 20 years later, there is a new explosion on the old reactor site, which now appears this "zone" in bright white light. The true causes of the explosion remain in the dark. Since de explosions are increasingly causing power outages to local fatal anomalies. Even clothing offers no protection. 2012 then explore some of these people "Zone" by violating the existing laws. Among them, the Stalker, a group of adventurers and looters. The stalker even put their lives at risk, only to go to contaminated remains, as these bring a lot of money on the black market.

However, they are not alone, as they are pursued by the Ukrainian military. The adventurers and plunderers have mutated besides fight against wild creatures, whilst respecting the fact, not of the Ukrainian military to be discovered. Among the stalker There is one, who wants to venture into even deeper after Chernobyl to enhullen the truth of the "zone" and an even darker future. STALKER a survival-shooting action game is what is coupled with tactical elements. This game is not just a shooter, an intelligent but fun games at the highest level. The very realistic scenario postatomare has 70% original pictures from Chernobyl in very good hi-end graphics. The story line is exciting because you get more and more as a player conspiracies and secrets finsternen's tricks. The game world is 30 square kilometers, is anything but small.

Even the ever-changing and sophisticated AI anomalies provide long game fun. Furthermore, the game features a multiplayer mode, which creates an unlimited long-term motivation. Circulating on the Internet various cheats. But even without cheats, and a little patience can lead the stalker successfully through his mission. Thus this Survial-shooting action game just right for players want to spend a lot of time with a game and want to be here by the graphics and story line fascinating.

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