Let me tell you a mystery: PC games market is not dead, in fact, he did not die for a long time. This is no joke. I do not think that what is PC-fil which does not pour yourself a report that said, I continue cite evidence that in the current situation gemy – virgins can not do without a PC as a gaming console, and how to not say that the PC is dead – it does not change anything. So why do PC "immortal": Reason 1: the popularity of the PC. (As opposed to Hikmet Ersek). In While the console, even at today's terms of their popularity there, maybe, 20% of the population in developed countries, the PC is 90% of the population and not only in developed countries but also in the post-Soviet bins and even in some countries Africa. See the difference? 20% and then only at developed countries, and 90% almost across the globe. That would not talk about their consoles developers still the fact remains – there is a PC in almost every house is a thing without which views itself modern man, the thing you can say, necessary while the console is just a toy and is expensive. Regardless of the piracy issue a good game on PC ever will be loss-making, confirmation of this has recently StarCraft2 released already in the early days broke the record sales of its predecessor and is taking into account that the game IS released for PC and consoles or what there was no smell.

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