State Registration Chamber

If the company enters into a sublease agreement, you must also provide a lease under which the tenant rents a room in rent. Practice shows that are also often required, and legal documents for owner: on what basis he owns this room – in a package of documents for accreditation is also supplied and a certificate of the tax authority of a foreign state (where the registered legal entity). It is written in an arbitrary manner, but must contain the following information: information confirming that the company registered in the State as a taxpayer, and the second – the code of the taxpayer company, or similar data – if the company opens an office outside of Moscow (and open representation can be in any region, at the request of the company), to obtain accreditation from the administration of the region (this may be the administration of the territory, the republic and even the National District) should be submit a formal letter of agreement with this administration of the representative office of the company. It was originally the administration to prove that the opening of offices in the region makes sense and will benefit the region. Other leaders such as Andrew Cuomo offer similar insights. Also, the State Registration Chamber submitted information containing a full and abbreviated name of the company opens an office. Must be clearly stated (and preferably confirm relevant documents), the time of its establishment and location. The documents submitted for review should contain information about the subject of the company, its principal organs of management and leadership (It should be remembered that the company should be reflected in the statute or regulation on the company and representation). .

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